A good TV show on HEMA? Sure, here it is

I am going to warn you – I’ll brag here. And this is just because I very rarely have that option in regards to my country. The HEMA community has been baffled and angry for the last couple of days and the BBC is at fault. In short, they made a TV show, one of the topics in one episode was I.33, HEMA, swords… and they screwed it up. Nah, thats putting it lightly. They ruined HEMA on the small screen. The┬áproducers made a typical mistake – getting the wrong guy for the job. And considering there are plenty of … Continue reading A good TV show on HEMA? Sure, here it is

Ringen syllabus and training – part 2

Well, this is embarassing. In two hours our third session will begin, and I still haven’t described the second! Well, it has been a busy week. I’ll try to write up on a session every time, but it can take a few days. However, I’ll make every attempt not to go over 1 week after. So, last time we established what ringen was, and we studied some universal wrestling basics. Things did not change too much this time. A good warm-up is again how we started the session. We will never skip it, as any type of wrestling is dangerous … Continue reading Ringen syllabus and training – part 2